Tuesday, September 28, 2010

St. George and the Dragon

Anna Conti over at Face Book asked us what was the first painting that we remembered. Sandy remembered seeing St. George and the Dragon so I'm posting it in honor of her being the first responder.

The legend of St. George and the Dragon can be found here:

One more thing - I just noticed that the dragon that St. George is slaying so ruthlessly is pretty pathetic. So, I think we should make up for St. George's anti-animal behavior and go to Pets Unlimited and donate money. Or adopt a pet. Whatever rocks your world.

The very fine organization Pets Unlimited has been offered a challenge grant by a wishes-to-remain-anonymous individual. If it can raise $100,000 by Dec. 1, the donor will kick in another $100,000. Pets Unlimited is both a shelter and a clinic. You can find a "donate" button at petsunlimited.org, or you can mail a contribution to Pets Unlimited, 2343 Fillmore St., San Francisco 94115.


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