Thursday, January 27, 2011

Koons don't get no respect

So, in today's post, we go from the sublimely talented Eva Hesse to one of the myriad clown princes of contemporary art...

 EPA. From the Independent..

From Jon Carrol:
This space has had occasion to quarrel with alleged artist Jeff Koons before. A while ago, some may remember, Koons appropriated an image from West Marin photographer Art Rogers, a couple with eight puppies, and turned it into some charmless plastic creation. He did not give credit to Rogers and, when asked to do so, declined.

Koons felt, to quote the New York Times, that "the sculpture was intended as a parody of the kind of trite, mass-produced sensibility that the photograph represented." Now, as it happens, the Rogers photograph was hardly mass-produced. It was part of Rogers' ongoing preoccupation with the quotidian life of West Marin, where small triumphs and minor milestones are celebrated with documents of appropriate solemnity.

(The puppies weren't that solemn, which was appropriate; on the other hand, anyone who's had to raise eight puppies simultaneously is aware that there are an awful lot of not-lighthearted moments. It's kind of like having triplets; if it weren't for the honor of the thing, you'd rather not.)

In any event, Rogers sued Koons and won, and then won the inevitable appeal, and the case was finally settled with an undisclosed amount of something very like cash being transferred from Koons to Rogers. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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