Monday, January 3, 2011

Let there be chocolate

I am going to LA next week with a great group of friends. The agenda includes visits to the Getty and other points of interest and I cannot wait! An astrologer friend told me that I would travel this year and I didn't believe her. It's great when something nice happens so, to celebrate, I made this dish from the recipe at Cafe Fernando. Sometimes only chocolate will do.


Zoomie said...

Have fun in LA. We loved the Getty when we were there, altho' the tram seems gimmicky to me. But the gardens are amazing, the view across the city both beautiful and a little scary (to see true pollution) and the building is stunning.

namastenancy said...

I haven't visited the Getty in 20+ years but I remember the courtyard and how I wanted to be transported back in time, be a wealthy Roman and live in the original. Of course, I also wanted to take the whole collection of Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts with me. And..well, the list is about a mile and a half long. I think that when I last visited, one of the Roman statues was still thought to be authentic and their collection had numerous items which have been sent back to Italy. I'm glad that I saw the treasures when they were here because I doubt if I will ever travel to Italy again. The spirit is willing but the bank account just isn't up to it.