Thursday, July 14, 2011

Masterworks from the Dutch Golden Age at the Legion of Honor

The last review in the series - I've enjoyed researching and writing this but suspect that I have the smallest readership ever. Next time, I'll figure out a way to mention Lady Gaga or or the latest boy band. I'm sure that will put my statistics over the top. But it's a sad commentary on art in America that a decently written article on a site with a huge readership gets only 5 clicks.

Ambrosius Bosschaert, Flowers in a glass vase. 

Ambrosius Bosschaert, a pioneer in the history of Dutch still-life painting, infused his flower bouquets with a sense of joy. He had an unerring compositional awareness, and delighted in combining a range of flowers with different colors and shapes to create a pleasing and uplifting visual experience


dave94 said...

Could it be that the Dutch Masters are mostly associated with a cigar brand in SF? A still life by Rachel Ruysch would be worth the trip to the Legion. I suspect the "art public" are currently drawn to the Picasso exhibit.
BTW - you could make tags such as Lady GaGa, Kety Perry, etc. and maybe have a cursory comment like: "If Lady GaGa were an artist, what would be the subject of her still life?" Wouldn't be too hard to guess as her songs are about cigarettes, champagne, lipstick, etc.)
Few clicks notwithstanding, I like your blog.

namastenancy said...

LOL! Those are good ideas - next time, I write something along the lines of "Lada Gaga would never show up in public wearing a cap like the lady in the Rembrandt paining. "

The room full of still life paintings is worth the trip and then, there are three portraits that are masterpieces. But then, the whole show is full of masterpieces - it will be hard for me to look at other art for a while.