Saturday, July 2, 2011

She Blogged By Night

This is one of the funniest and most insightful movie blogs around (see, I do read other things besides art and food reviews). I have often watched a movie just on her recommendation - she points out many undiscovered gems and more than a few campy ones that I would have otherwise missed. Her descriptions are often funnier than the movie. There's a hilarious review of Maneater staring a completely loopy looking Gary Busey who has gone way past a few lifetimes worth of drugs and a cast of almost complete unknowns plus one real tiger. I'm almost sorry I missed it. 

Check out the fabulous special effects - image from "She Blogged By Night."

It looks like July will be prime movie viewing month - tonight (11 PM) is the campy Batman (1966) version and on July 5th, Fox Movie Channel will be showing the gorgeous Delores Del Rio in a timeless ? classic. Other recommendations are:
Bird of Paradise (1932)
July 5,
Dolores Del Rio plays a native girl about to be sacrificed to a volcano god until she falls in love with Joel McCrea.  Must be a documentary. 

Call Her Savage (1932)
July 6, The July SBBN "What The Shit Is This" runner up. This is an absolutely batshit insane pre-code with an unbelievably hot Clara Bow. It's creaky in acting and pace, but progressive (so to speak) in sexuality and adult themes.  You will be horrified and entertained.  I suggest bringing a bucket for all the drool from seeing Clara in her barely-there shirts and painted on riding pants.

There's more on the blog including a whole list of pre-code movies that I am very curious about. But go and read her blog - she's got a unique voice and an incredible sense of humor. Just my kind of blogger!

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