Saturday, October 15, 2011

Upcoming - Houdini, Marahaja at the Asian, Richard Serra at SFMOMA

As soon as I recover from Open Studios, I'll be back in action. Unfortunately, every Open Studio offers its challenges - mostly from one's fellow artists. As if the studio wasn't hot enough already, the potter decided (as always) to fire up the pottery kiln the day before the opening, thereby raising the already hot temperature another 10 degrees. Then, we had the "filmmaker" who cranked up his speakers and blasted the hallway with thudding noise. When we asked him to turn the sound down, we were told that he's already done a "sound check" and it's not a problem. We tell him that we, the artists next door, think it is a problem but nothing gets done. This is when I lament our lack of responsible leadership which emphasized consideration for our fellow studio members and regret, yet again, the loss of Elaine, the former studio manager.

Anybody know of a nice, quiet, well ventilated studio space for rent? 

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