Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Maharaja: The Splendor of India's Royal Courts at the Asian Art Museum

Unfortunately we didn't get the Rolls Royce but we got a silver covered carriage.

While wandering through room after room full of over-the-top conspicuous consumption, I wondered about the mind set that allowed these men (mostly men) to spend so lavishly on themselves while millions outside the palace lived in misery. Suppose some of this money spent on jewelry and objects had been spent on schools, hospitals, scientific research - even roads, irrigation and agriculture? Their selfishness and greed condemned the majority of Indians to starvation and poverty and the parallels with our masters of the universe are sad and sobering.


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A Cuban In London said...

By chance the other day I tuned into Sky Arts 2 and they had a whole programme on religious buildings. India featured heavily and so did south Cambodia, where apparently they have the largest religious temple (as in a complex) in the world. Like you, sometimes I wonder what was going through these men's minds (you're quite right, the majority of these show-offs shared my gender) when they made the conscious decision to forgo the reality surrounding them and instead boast their wealth.

Greetings from London.