Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sandy Yagi at Modern Eden, SF's mistress of the macabre

Sandy Yagi at her opening at Modern Eden. 
Elegy 24 x 20 oil on panel 2011 @ Anna Conti

Contemporary culture, human folly and an obsessive curiosity for the macabre provide the fuel for Sandra Yagi’s new oil paintings for Primal Renderings. Her work is inspired by the natural sciences as well as by the classical drawing techniques of the old masters. Think medical anatomy meets Bosch meets Salvador Dali, presided over by such masters as late Gothic painters such as Van Eyck. 

Sandy Yagi. Trepanation  24 x 18  oil on panel  2011

Driven by the need to explore the human psychological condition, Yagi uses images  such as cutaway skulls to portray our basic human drives.
Yagi was raised in suburban Denver Colorado, the oldest of a typical suburban middle class family. From an early age, she loved science, especially biology, and drawing. But her Japanese-American parents were more traditional and insisted that she get a "useful" education in business. For them, the liberal arts did not provide enough security.

Like a dutiful daughter, Yagi put art aside and obtained obtained a Masters in Business Administration. For 27 years, she worked at major financial institutions.

Sandy Yagi. Lizardbrain #2  Oil on panel, 19.75 x 19.75, 2011

But she never forgot her early dreams of becoming an artist and never ceased to make art. As she rose in the corporate ladder, Yagi moved to LA and then, to SF which became her artistic home. 

Leaving the corporate world in 2008, Yagi became a full time artist. She now works out of her studio in San Francisco's South Beach area.


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