Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Remembering Harvey

After Harvey Milk became one of the first out gay people elected in 1977, he put up a sign in his store window that just said, "Thank You." Thirty-five years later, an out lesbian named Tammy Baldwin would be elected to the US Senate. Remembering Harvey Milk, killed on this day in 1978.

I heard that he had been shot when I was still at work. My friends and I left work and joined the candlelight parade going down Market Steet. It was a sorrowful, powerful moment of mourning. 




Zoomie said...

Buzz was in the City Hall building just shortly before the shooting...

nancy namaste said...

WOW - that must have been scary! I worked at Davies Medical Center & I remember the rumors running through the staff before the murders were confirmed. The march that night was peaceful but later marches (the White Night riots) turned into expensive mayhem. I know because I would be asked to stay to help process people coming into the hospital after being clubbed or beaten.