Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yup, Obama is still president.

Photo courtesy of Anna Conti.

As "As Time Goes By" has some great commentary. Ronni Bennet is one of the best bloggers around but I can hardly wait to read what Margaret and Helen have to say:

"It was an amazing night. For all the Citizens United money, dark money, billionaire PACs, and the disgusting, undemocratic Republican attempts to limit voting to – well, their sort of people, they lost the presidency and, I believe, their legitimacy."

Addendum: I am glad to see that Prop 30 has won. Many of my friends are teachers and I have always known how valuable education is. Now we need to reform Prop 13 which has so many loopholes you can drive a batallion through it. It may have been meant to help the elderly but it also enabled large corporations to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

Just think about all those that were praying to God for a republican landslide. The evangelicals, tea partiers, and rightwingers, were praying and praying. And God heard their prayers. And he answered them.

And the answer was NO. (from Margaret and Helen)

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