Sunday, December 2, 2012

All I want for Christmas is (are) more mini-prints by Electric Works

For your holiday gift giving, forget the lords-a-leaping, the geese-a-laying and the partridge in a pear tree. Buy your beloved a unique print from Electric Works (or buy one for yourself). 
"Compulsive: by Amanda Hughes - "Compulsive" by Amanda Hughen-her exploding universe of patterns, cell walls and energy fields is all contained in this print.

"Irene's Palette" by Katherine Sherwood which features medical book imagery.

With every exhibition in their gallery, Electric Works has the artist produce a small, limited edition print, which can be purchased individually for $40 or through a yearly subscription for $350. The artists in their collection represent a who's who of Bay Area artists, from Paul Madonna (All over coffee) to Enrique Chagoya to Katherine Sherwood.

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Michael Strickland said...

I love Electric Works although their new location doesn't have half the charm of the old place around the corner. Nice highlighting of a the $40 Print program.