Friday, December 7, 2012

Has Lynn Orr, curator for the FAMSF, been fired?

Today's SF Gate brought the following news about Lynn Orr, the curator of European art who has been MIA since October. Apparently she's been fired but nobody is saying anything.  I haven't heard anything via the various news sources that I subscribe to.This is when I wish I was a real journalist and had the cred to call the museum and ask all the right questions.  If this is true, it's a real tragedy for the museum; she put together the most wonderful shows and was always nice and helpful to us "lowly" bloggers.


Michael Strickland said...

Even if you were a "real journalist," you still wouldn't be getting any info because communications are now being dispensed by that conservative hack ex-columnist Ken Garcia and they are stonewalling everyone. As you know, Dede The W has been running amok for the last year and the shit finally seems to be hitting the fan. Keep poking and investigating and I'll do the same.

nancy namaste said...

I just read that the Board meeting that was to be held on the 5th was cancelled until March. I can't believe that all the influential members would stay silent on this issue. I am surprised that nobody on the Chron has gotten in touch with Ms Orr and gotten her side of the story.