Thursday, May 30, 2013

Horoscope for the new SFMOMA?

Yesterday SFMOMA had a ceremonial ground breaking ceremony for the new renovations and add-ons; I timed the time the 1st spade went in at 11:92 AM. SF time. Fixed signs on the angles and Sun in the 10th show it's visibility but the Mars at 28 Taurus separating from the MC sure seems to indicate a lot of bull headed energy, anger and aggression. Moon in Aquarius conjunct the dsc - moving toward the 7th house of others. Then Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in the 11th house of friends, groups, hopes. Leo Ascendent showing the pride but maybe a bit too much price. Saturn conjunct the IC but widely trine the moon. Pluto/Uranus square - Pluto in the 5th square Uranus in the 9th. I am not sure how that will play out. Hopefully this does not signify turmoil in the museum but I don't know at this point.

If any astrologers are reading this, what do you think? Is a chart for the official start of construction signify the new building? Actually, construction has been going on for some time but this was the official, we are going to close in 4 days celebration. 

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