Friday, November 8, 2013

Anders Zorn at the Legion

Google 'Anders Zorn." If he is not a household name in the art world, he should be. The show that opened at the Legion yesterday blew me out of the water. Zorn is of the same generation as Sargent but his work is more robust. He doesn't shy away from female nudes who are full figured and earthy. His watercolors that made me weap with envy. It's the must see show this year for anybody interested art that falls into that category between 19th century realism and Impressionism.

I have read a review from his show in Boston that compares him unfavorably with Sargent. I don't know about that but then, the Legion has only one Sargent and that's not enough for an honest comparison. I will write a more analytical review later but for now, I just want to be a cheerleader.

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