Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Francis Bacon's 'Triptych' is the most expensive artwork ever sold at auction

 What a sad and troubling thing to view the front page of the NYTimes and see "Devastation in the Philippines" right above "At $142.4 million, Triptych Is the Most Expensive Artwork Ever Sold at an Auction." I'm sure the irony has not been lost on hundreds, if not thousands, of readers.

How much typhoon aid could $142.4 million provide to the people of Tycloban and surrounding areas? How many gallons of clean water could these people be drinking? When the seas settle, when the material destruction is finally cleared away, how many men, women, and children could have been saved with the help of $142.4 million?

Or how about using that money to research and impliment energy saving and ecological wise devices and programs to prevent all of us, in the coming decade from being wracked by worsening weather, foul air and water and all the horrors of global warming?

Their fancy estates will not protect the 1% of the 1% then.

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