Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ringing in the New Year at the Asian

Today, the Asian will be continuing their decades long practice of ringing a bell to welcome in the New Year.

Buddhist bell (detail), 1532, Tachibana Kyubei (Japanese). Tajima province, Japan. Bronze.

The bell they use is a 16th-century Japanese temple bell, heavy and fragile at the same time. 

According to Buddhist belief, each ring wipes the 2013 slate clean of bad experiences, wrong doings, and ill luck. 

The service begins with chanting the Heart Sutra, the heart of Buddist belief.
It contains key concepts of Buddhist Philosophy. These include the skandhas, the four noble truths, the cycle of interdependence and the central concept of Mahayana Buddhism, Emptiness.

Those who gather at the Asia ring the bell 108 times, symbolizing the 108 bonno (mortal desires) that torment mankind. It’s the perfect way to greet the new year. Bask in the positive and peaceful vibes, and stick around for art activities. Read up on cool trivia regarding the bell (http://bit.ly/1cbUHjj.

Tim Hallman adds (press guy for the Asian and an all around nice person) adds: " But it’s important to remember that the bell is more than 480 years old. Like all ancient things, it should be treated gently and with respect. When you do so, you’ll be rewarded handsomely. Struck at the right spot, and with the right energy, the bell makes a magical sound. You can literally feel it reverberate over your body and hear a pleasant humming whisper in your ears."

 Event starts at 11:30 am, doors open at 10 am.  

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