Sunday, December 15, 2013

RIP Peter O'Toole

 I think that we have lost - or almost lost - all of them, the eloquent, charismatic, witty and charming actors who elevated us just by watching them. The movies that they were in were not only entertaining but often dealt with the deeper truths of the human soul. When they were "on," they created magic.

 O'Toole spoke on many occasions about the differences in actors and acting today, versus the era in which he rose to fame. "Actors today must learn to make the 'word' fresh". By that he meant not just to enunciate, although that was certainly important, but that an actor must make words come alive, to infuse the text of a script with intelligence and meaning.

O'Toole at the 2003 Oscar ceremony, where he was awarded an honorary academy award. Nominated eight times during his career, O'Toole never won an acting gong. He holds the record for most nominations without a win. Those Oscar-nominated performances in full: Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Becket (1964), The Lion in Winter (1968), Goodbye, Mr Chips (1969), The Ruling Class (1972), The Stunt Man (1980), My Favorite Year (1982) and Venus (2006). O'Toole was initially reluctant to accept the award, writing to the academy and saying he'd still got the time to "win the lovely bugger outright".

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