Sunday, January 12, 2014

Camille Holvoet at Creativity Explored

Flying Nun, 22. 25 x 15 inches

Wayne Thiebaud Cupcake, Ink on paper. 15 x 12 inches

Mother with head cheese

Ferris Wheel Swiss Cheese Orange and Yellow.

The Picky Perfect Goddess, Camille

I'm hungry.

Cake on Gingham

Cash Cake


Deceptively sweet, Camille Holvoet’s (b. 1952) work tends to draw on remembrances of life’s anxieties and forbidden desires. Her luscious oil pastel drawings of cakes, pies, and pastries are an expression of her relentless introspection. Holvoet’s process is an endless discovery, in which—through the repetition of her sacred objects: dessert, Ferris Wheels, and crossed eyes—the pressures of the past are relieved by the joy of the creative process. S

When Holvoet combines text with imagery, the resonance between the two is powerful—as beautiful, vibrant renderings of cakes and pies are overwritten with recollections of nightmares, fears, frustrated sexual feelings, and religious doubt. Her texts stretch beyond the confines of language, and she often resorts to the invention of words to represent her (“outspiration,” “invisamble,” “youngry”).
From Camille Holvoet's sole exhibition - all times @Camille Holvoet @Creativity Explored Licensing LLC.

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