Sunday, February 2, 2014

February Calendar Page

The calendar pages for February contain two scenes of laborers trimming vines, one of the traditional labors for this freezing cold month. Remember many of these medieval manuscripts were made during the "little" ice age and in any case, they didn't have central heating. In the first scene, below the saints days for February, two men are at work in a wintry landscape, and appear to be appropriately bundled against the cold

In the second page, beneath two fish for the zodiac sign of Pisces, another chilly looking laborer is carrying a basket of trimmings through a snowy field.
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Both images from the Huth Hours:

February 2nd is not only the beginning of the Lunar Year of the Horse but was, in medieval times, celebrated as the day that the infant Jesus was presented at the temple.

A Presentation at the Temple, for Candlemas. Joseph holds a gift of 2 birds & a candle. Arundel 157 f. 4v @BLMedieval

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