Saturday, February 8, 2014

Vermeer, Master of Light

 Vermeer, "The Love Letter." c 1690

What better way to spend a rainy SF day than watching this 5-part series?

The video combines all five parts of the "Vermeer, Master of Light" series, a journey of discovery through Vermeer's techniques by utilizing x-ray analysis and infrared relectogaphy.

Narrated by Meryl Streep, the documentary must of necessary focus on his actual paintings as we don't know much about the painter's life.

Plus we don’t even have very many paintings to talk about: living from 1632 to 1672, Vermeer turned out fewer than 40 canvases. But what canvases: Master of Light goes into detail on his particular mastery not only of light and color, but of textures, perspectives, and seemingly minor but nonetheless painstaking touches. We do, however, offer a viewing tip: unless you particularly enjoy shots of light through windows, you may want to begin the video at 5:22 or so.

The analysis of Vermeer takes its time coming, but when it begins, it offers a wealth of surprising detail — just as do the paintings themselves. But don’t believe me; find out for yourself by viewing fifteen of them up close at the Google Art Project

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