Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Oh Suarez - beware of the consequences

Oh, ! Beware of the consequences! Royal 6 E VI f. 503v

The urge to bite must have been irresistable but any victory will be a pyrrhic one- as explained by this essay in the TLS

But the pleasure swells in a brief space of time. “Creatures of a day! What is man? What is he not? / He is the dream of a shadow”. The victory ode wanes into pain and melancholy. It is the same in Pindar’s earliest ode, written for the winner of the running event in 498 BCE, where Hippocleas, the runner, like Perseus chasing the Hyperboreans, touches the hem of the blessed. But Perseus returns to mundane life again. Like the victor in the games, his bliss is ephemeral.

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