Sunday, June 22, 2014

Quiz from the Asian Art Museum: Which Gorgeous artwork are you?

You know, you’re a real piece of work—a work of art, in fact! Are you calm or chaotic? Tacky or tasteful? Grotesque or genteel? Take this quiz to find out which Gorgeous artwork you are!

You are the Buddhist Deity Simhavaktra Dakini
You are as fiery and strong-willed as you are protective and compassionate. You can be a bit of a hothead, however, and your friends know to give you a wide berth when you’re off on one of your rants. You love loud music, spicy food and watching things blow up. You have a taste for gore that would make Dario Argento cower under his bed. No one can refute your magnetic personality, however—you’re always the center of attention!
I don't know about the loud music or gore unless it's Wagner and my former supervisors but the rest isn't that far off. I have two planets in Sag and a Leo Moon - fire is my element. 

I would love to think I have a magentic personality but that's probably overstated too. Oh well. A woman can dream.

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