Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday at the Legion of Honor

It has been quite a day - I went out to see the Post-Impresssionist exhibit at the Legion of Honor because it will close soon.

There was an out of tune but LOUD trombone player on the MUNI who, of course, got even more abusive when I asked him to not play on a bus. I should have known better because a**holes like that love to be in your face. He hollored "what's your problem?" and blew even louder. When did being a jerk in public become so common that we don't even try to comment

Because I got off the bus to escape a obnoxious trombone player, I was a lot later than I had planned to be.

The place was fairly crowded which I expected but the crowds were made worse by several huge wheelchairs, 2-3 per room, baby buggies complete with screaming children and dogs.

Seeing so many dogs at a museum show is new to me. These were not service dogs but pets - one enormous dog took up the space in front of several of the tiny paintings in the front room. Nobody would ask the owner to take the dog out - not even the officious guard who would not let me enter from one of the side rooms.

Then there were the headphones zombies, parked in front of the small works of art, determined to listen to the last syllable. They are not really looking but they are determined that nobody will get in front of them.

 I revisited my favorite pieces, saw a show upstairs that knocked my socks off (more later) and escaped as soon as I could.

What should have been a lovely jaunt to the museum turned into a test of endurance.


Zoomie said...

We went today, first thing in the morning, and still it was fairly crowded. Of course, it was the last day, so no wonder. We found a good strategy, however - we whisked through to the very end, then worked our way back through so we had several rooms all to ourselves before the people who looked in "order" reached us. Then, it was indeed crowded (and I even saw a dog! a first for me) but the people were surprisingly polite, trying not to bump or impede, and apologizing when they did. I guess we were lucky. Anyway, did you see those two GORGEOUS Odilon Redons, the two small landscapes with turquoise sky? I would have stolen them if I thought I'd get away with it!

nancy namaste said...

I tried to do that - enter from the end - but the guard would not let me. People weren't rude but the 2-3 wheelchairs per room and the dogs! made viewing very difficult. But I really should not complain. I went to the press preview and the member's viewing and one day early in the middle of the week so this was my 4th time,

You would have had to fight me for those Redons; covet, covet, covet. I must have looked at them too intently because the guard came to stand right next to me - guess my desire to grab and run must have been apparent. HA! As if I could run faster than a turtle.