Tuesday, October 14, 2014

San Francisco Bay Guardian shuts down

Another nail to the heart of liberal SF - the SF Bay Guardian has ceased publication. Now I don't feel so bad that the E$aminer.com is still chugging along, It's bad, the writing varies from decent (me) to truly horrible but it's still around.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian weekly newspaper, a leading progressive voice in the city for 48 years, is closing for financial reasons, its publisher said Tuesday.

“It is the hardest decision I’ve had to make in my 20-year newspaper career,” said Publisher Glenn Zuehls of the San Francisco Media Co., which has operated the alternative paper since 2012 and also runs the San Francisco Examiner and the SF Weekly.

“San Francisco — and the world — was a very different place when the Bay Guardian began publishing in 1966,” Zuehls said in a statement. “Many of the causes the paper championed over the decades have shifted and evolved. The political and social climate of the city, in part as a result of the paper's coverage, has become more open, transparent and inclusive. The Bay Guardian leaves a legacy as a forceful advocate for social change that will always be a source of pride for everyone who was part of it or who valued its voice in our community.”

The end came in a hurry. Even before the public announcement was made, the newspaper’s website and Facebook page were shut down and all employee e-mail services dumped.

“The Bay Guardian is being shut down by our corporate owners, we're still absorbing this and figuring out what it means,” said Steven T. Jones, the paper’s editor, in a post on his personal Facebook page.

The closure is a blow to the progressive side of San Francisco politics, where the Bay Guardian has been a leading player for decades.

More here: http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/San-Francisco-Bay-Guardian-shuts-down-5822025.php?cmpid=fb-desktop

and here: http://sfist.com/2014/1/14/the_san_francisco_bay_guardian_is_c.php

I am assuming that this won't be cancelled: A best of the bay party is scheduled for Nov 14 month after last

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