Thursday, April 30, 2015

Art weekend extravanga in San Francisco

 "Wait" by Theresa Morgan, one of the local artists exhibiting at the StARTup Art Fair (room 311)

Two art fairs, one local gallery opening, warm weather ( at 86 degrees way too warm for me but Mother Nature does what Mother Nature wants) -a weekend to pace yourself so as not to overload on all the art.

Closing this weekend but worth the visit: Sanaz Mazinani: Threshold: This Iranian-born Canadian artist, now living in the Bay Area, presents a specially constructed space, faceted with mirrors that reflect a projected video of explosions excerpted from 11 recent Hollywood spectacles. She draws on the decorated architecture of her childhood homeland and the highly manipulated products of today’s mass culture to create a collision of approaches to imagination and action.
images courtesy DeWitt Cheng

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