Thursday, April 9, 2015

'She who tells a story' - and can't return home

When I first wrote this, I wondered, asked - and did not get an answer - as to how many of these women photographers could return to their countries of origin. With the current war in Yemen, I think I know the answer for one of them.…/she-who-tells-a-story-at-the-cant…

I think that Lala Essaydi, who is from Morocco, lives part of the year in Morocco but the rest of the time in NY and France. The photographer from Iran is now in NY along with a couple of the other artists. Obviously the  women from Yemen does not dare return hom.

The premise of this exhibit was that women in the Middle East aren't shut up, shut out and shut down. Since this show was in Stanford and most of the work has never been shown in the Middle East - and can't be - I don't think they proved their point.  There is a lot of talent on display but being showing in two upscale US locations doesn't mean a darn thing if the critique is about women in the Middle East.

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