Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Frida

Check here for a list of Frida Kahlo celebrations in SF's Mission District

Broken Column
Fiestas Fridas in San Francisco this Friday and more links here

Photo by Nicholas Murray

 2009 Letter in the NY Times: That people love Frida Kahlo and her art is one thing. That she is being treated as a role model for feminists is another. The glorification of her travails keeps alive everything that should be abhorrent to the true feminist. Who on earth would want to be like her, and what kind of a life was hers? If Frida Kahlo is a "woman for the 90's," then we women are in for a hell of a decade. ELIZABETH SHACKELFORD New York

Wikipedia bio of Frida
Complete works
Interview with Judy Chicago on Friday via my blog here

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