Thursday, July 28, 2016

Happy Birthday to Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter at her farm Hill Top in the Lake District, 1913. Photograph: AP
Years ago the BBC did a wonderful series on her life. They did not skip over her difficult and snobbish parents, her battle for recognition and her eventual happy marriage. Actually I don't remember reading those books as a child but when I "discovered" them as an adult, I was charmed by the illustrations and the tiny size, apparently designed by Potter to fit childish hands.

Her difficult life:

Guns, class war and a transvestite cat: what a new Beatrix Potter story reveals about the author: Doppelgängers and transvestites, guns and gangsters, secret lives: these are not the first things that come to mind when considering the work of Beatrix Potter. Yet the creator of Peter Rabbit and Hunca-Munca once wrote a story that featured all of them:

Treats for her 150th birthday party:

BeatrixPotter’s 150th birthday, looking at Peter’s + Jemima’s #medieval predecessors …

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