Monday, May 22, 2017

Born on this day: Amalia Lindegren And Hubert Robert

Amalia Lindegren was born #onthisday in 1814. This striking portrait by her was added to the @NatMus_SWE in 2015

Image scanned from the book "Svenskt Porträttgalleri XX - Arkitekter, Bildhuggare, Målare m.fl.

Private Collection

Hubert Robert was born #onthisday in 1733. … @ngadc @MuseeLouvre

Blending fantasy and factual accuracy, Hubert Robert's views of classical and contemporary architecture were immensely popular during his lifetime. Robert was best known for his paintings of ruins. His immense, crumbling monuments of an often-imaginary past earned him the nickname, "Robert des Ruines" (Robert of the Ruins).

Robert's career developed in Europe's most refined art circles of the 1700s. He received a thorough classical education in Paris and in 1754, arrived in Rome in the entourage of a French ambassador. He spent the next eleven years in Italy and there, developed his fascination with ruins. Because of the relatively recent excavations at Pompeii and Herculaneum, the archaeological climate in Rome was especially rich. Robert also developed close ties to Italian artists, including Giovanni Battista Piranesi and Giovanni Paolo Panini, and each influenced his artistic vision. He also developed a strong friendship with his drawing partner, Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

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Carla Ives said...

I didn't know of Lindegren. That nude study is very impressive! I knew of "Robert de Ruins." Actually, that's the only name I knew him by. That Louvre piece is really eerie and beautiful at the same time.