Sunday, July 8, 2018

Artemisia Gentileschi. Born on this day in 1593

Italian Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi was born #onthisday in 1593. One of the leading painters of the early 17th century, Gentileschi was the first woman to become a member of the academy of arts in Florence. This is a symbolic portrait, depicting the source of her artistic brilliance – her hand – and the paintbrush as the tool of her trade. The words at the top describe this as ‘the worthy hand of the excellent and skilful Artemisia, gentlewoman of Rome’. The artist, Pierre Dumonstier, also wrote on the back that Gentileschi’s works were ‘marvels that send the most judicious eyes into raptures’.

Judith and her maid

Susannah and the Elders

Judith Slaying Holofernes

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Carla Ives said...

I recognized her name but didn't know much about her art. I think I like the hand with the paintbrush the best. Quite symbolic. I like the other pieces, too. Very classic in style and really great detail. Beautiful work from a woman in a period where women usually didn't shine.