Sunday, April 13, 2008

All cleaned up and ready for the party

Slightly crooked shot of the wall beside the doorway - old work and new work. I decided not to try and hang more of my small pieces. Getting them lined up is very difficult!
"At the beach" - She looks very nice against the brick wall and is the first thing you see and you enter.

A rare tidy moment! Well, I don't have a messy studio because it drives me crazy if I can't find things but this is mega-tidy and will only last for a week.


Zoomie said...

It looks great! I will definitely try to come sometime over the weekend. Love the lady at the beach and I made some comments on pages below, too.

Zoomie said...

Oh, dear, sorry I missed it - we had an unexpected house guest this weekend. Hope to meet you soon!