Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Show coming up.

We are finally getting ready for the Spring Show. I got myself on the jury committee just to prevent some of our more ruthless members from hogging all the wall space. Last year, one artist had eight huge pieces up all year and I did my best to see that doesn't happen again. Of course, the lugging of assorted paintings didn't do my back any good but we've ended up with a very nice show.

I also had a very interesting epiphany. My figurative work is really really different than the other artists in the group. Most of them paint beautiful, soft decorative abstracts. One guy paints landscapes in oils and another women paints SF genre scenes but my work really is different. I try to get at people from the inside out, to involve the viewer in a narrative story and to try to say something about the figure on the canvas other than "oooohhh pretty." I"m not saying that my work is better than everybody else's but this is the first time that I've realized just how different it is. I also got several of my pieces right outside my studio door which makes me very very happy. I also got several of my pieces right outside my studio door which makes me very very happy. Now, it's possible to see a grouping of my art work, by my door, well lit and properly hung.

Go me!


Zoomie said...

This one is less calm - this guy seems like a "stress puppy," tight and ready to explode. The colors are like that, too - incipient violence, which is right for this picture.

Some time ago, you mentioned meeting for lunch or a show some day - I'd like to do that now that I have some time. We could meet at the Asian to see their Ukiyo-e show, or at the San Francisco Art Institute on Chestnut Street to see what the students are up to these days. If you'd like to do this (or something else), leave me a note at zoomiestation and we'll set a date!

namastenancy said...

Very astute comment - this is a portrait of Francis Bacon who was a pretty tense, explosive guy.