Sunday, December 14, 2008

Phone Controlled Art in San Jose

From SFist - but too much fun not to repost (I just wish there was a better photo). The 88, a luxury highrise in San Jose (how adorable!) has a piece of public art outside its building, one that you can control using your mobile communication device.

The piece, created by Jim Conti and found at San Fernando and Second Streets in Downtown San Jose, is called Show Your Stripes. Because it contains lots of neon-ish stripes in it. According to CBS 5, it works like this.

To try it out, first call 408-287-0128. After the tone, enter any three digit combination including "#" and "*". Then, press "0" and hang up.

Here are some of the codes:
*25 - Xmas Dance
*14 - Valentine's Day Beat
*88 - The 88
*** - Ship's Wheel
168 - Green with Red Bolt
182 - Happy
193 - Rainbow Chase
194 - RGB Down
197 - Rainbow Sweep
228 - Yellow Sweep

268 - Brackets Out
311 - Cyan Sweep
323 - Red Pulse
341 - Slow Easter Sweep
486 - Arrows Going Down
555 - Green Warp
526 - Red with Blue Sweep
541 -Easter Sweeps
565 - Green Pulse
766 - Snow Falling
919 - Blue Flutter
927 - Mom's B-Day
931 - Rainbow Left to Right

The piece was officially dedicated last month, so we're late to the game on this one. But still: Show Your Stripes and... well, actually, that's the only thing would move us to take a trip down there. Kudos, San Jose! But seriously, South Bay, this is a great way to generate some attention to your downtown skyline.

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