Thursday, December 25, 2008

Nancy's Lists

Best Art Videos:

Best Coverage of Art Miami

Art Fag City's Top Five to top everybody else's top ten:

Best science project on line: Colossal Squid Exhibit + Build Your Own Squid (After you build your squid, you can follow her or her adventures. Mine is called Juno and she's now 4 days old. The "adventure" interface page is a little boring with the same old creatures up every time but the whole site is simply fantastic. More about squids than you ever knew.)

One of the better economics blogs out there:

Most powerful documentary on line (and this was a hard one to chose): A Walk to Beautiful: PBS's documentary on the women of Ethiopia, crippled by childbirth injuries and their struggle for reconstructive surgery:

One of the Best Non-Religious Christmas Songs ever - and a tribute of Ms. Kitt who has left us.

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