Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Grab Bag

Demise of the critic per Roger Ebert:

A newspaper film critic is like a canary in a coal mine. When one croaks, get the hell out. The lengthening toll of former film critics acts as a poster child for the self-destruction of American newspapers, which once hoped to be more like the New York Times and now yearn to become more like the National Enquirer. We used to be the town crier. Now we are the neighborhood gossip.

The CelebCult virus is eating our culture alive, and newspapers voluntarily expose themselves to it….

Good take from Roger Ebert (makes me even more glad that there are so many good internet sources to read). But what makes me not so glad is to see the celebrity culture alive and well in the art world. Essay by Linda Yablonksy on just that issue:

With excellent commentary by Edward Winkleman:

The Museum of Contemporary Art in LA is in deep financial trouble. The NY Times thinks that it’s because they put “art ahead of money but maybe it's just because they were poorly managed (sound familiar?)

Tyler Green of Modern Art notes has been reporting on the situation for some time

Liz Haber at Venetian Red has a great article on Goldsworthy’s “Spire” at the Presidio. After reading her article, I think I understand the piece a lot better. She’s also got a good essay on the current hot topic du jour – the return of plundered art.

John Haber on Gilbert and George at the Brooklyn Musuem in NY. I sure wish we had a critic of his caliber looking at the art scene in SF. I always learn about new ways to look at an artist after reading his reviews but even Mr. Haber can’t make me want to go to any of G&G shows.

To end on a non-art note, here's a report of a joyous impromptu concert on our often joyless N Judah line.

*Image of the Eleven Headed Avolokiteshvara from the current exhibit at the Legion


Bill Stankus said...

Certainly the up-tick period was wonderful and that just makes the down-tick even more offensive.

Perhaps dumbing down has a bottom ... but I suspect we're not there yet.

Sheree Rensel said...

"We are the canaries. It is about the death of an intelligent and curious, readership, interested in significant things and able to think critically." Sun Times

I am reminded of this EVERY DAY! You can't turn on the TV, computer, or go to the store without being confronted with the fact that there are a whole lot of dumb ass things going on right now. The scariest part of this scenario is (agreeing with Bill), I think we are seeing just the tip of the iceburg. I know for sure I am a canary. I am choking, gasping, and wobbling on my perch right now.

tangobaby said...

I can't wait to read that Roger Ebert link. I don't always agree with him on his film reviews but as a well-reasoned and gifted writer, I really love his stuff. Thanks for the links!