Sunday, November 8, 2009

The ideal museum viewing experience?

Regina Hackett yearns to view works of art with nobody around. I sympathize with her annoyance with noisy and rude crowds but her wish would end public museums - if nobody comes, the doors close. As much as one might want art to be an elite viewing experience for moi, moi, moi, the reality is that if the public is not engaged (and maybe engaged at a higher decibel that the in crowd prefers), none of us (i.e., the great unwashed) will have the museum viewing experience. Somebody has to pay the rent and while foundations, grants and benefits provide the most money, the rest comes from the public. Instead of wishing that we would all just go away, maybe there could be classes in viewing etiquette - no shoving, shouting or chewing gum while in the presence of masterpieces.

Of course, maybe shutting the public out is what she really wants; in that case, I'm not the least bit sympathetic.

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