Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ohlone College: Into Pergamon: The Art of Rob Anderson

Skillful and passionate, Rob Anderson's drawings, drawn from a direct observation of the Pergamon Altar, remind us just how powerful and beautiful Hellenic art can be and how difficult it is to really master academic drawing. This type of drawing used to be standard practice; I don't know how much it is any more but, given the crude and anatomically bizarre human figures that I often see in "realistic" paintings I suspect that it's not taught as much as it should be. Late twentieth century art has rejected what is carelessly termed "academic painting" but all of the masters of the first three decades of the 20th century studied academic art, from Picasso up to and including De Kooning who received a rigorous traditional training in his native Holland. It seems logical that artists understand the rules of anatomy and figure drawing. They are, after all, the basis of Western art.

My blogging friend Kloe also works with imagery inspired by classical Greece, showing that in the hands of a skillful and engaged artist these images can still speak to us of grace and mystery. 

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