Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mercedes Benz

Ode to Janis over at Plainfeather's Blog.

I remember seeing her with Big Brother and the Holding Company at some grotty little bar off Union Street way back in 1966? (or something like that). That was the first time I'd seen a light show, the first time I got chatted up by a hipster and the first time I felt the the love, power, the magnificence and the underlying tragedy that was Janice.


Zoomie said...

That and "Bobbie McGee" are my two favorites of hers. Lucky you to see her in person.

namastenancy said...

I used to attend her SF appearances and even went down to see her in Monterey the year or so before she died. Man - those little grotty clubs really were grotty. I wouldn't drink anything because you could not tell what else was added to your drink and as for using the facilities - forgetaboutit! Even though I was young and dumb, I wasn't that stupid!
Sometimes you could really tell she was drunk or stoned and I was very afraid for her - and right to be afraid as it turned out. But she loved living on the edge and I guess that nobody could have kept her from her eventual fate.

dargie said...

I envy you having seen her. Amazing performer. Thanks for posting this.