Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Opinioned Wednesday

 In which I indulge my inner curmudgeon, grumble, criticize but end on a note of appreciation

Balenciaga at the De Young: Do we really need another designer clothing show at the De Young? I thought that the Westwood show was the most pretentious piece of bull puckey that I'd seen in a long time - ugly clothes capped by a video with the designer pontificating about the universal importance of her clothes. Really? Ripped leather and hideous, unwearable clothes are of philosophical importance? At least Balenciaga's designs are elegant but really, how many clothing shows do we really need? If the De Young wants to focus on textiles, why not textiles from Indonesia or ballet costumes from the Ballet Russe?

"A major retrospective of Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga, one of the last century's most noted couturiers, is scheduled to open at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco in Spring 2011, museum officials announced today."

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Zoomie said...

I'm with you about the fashion shows - too many! I'll bet they are money makers for the Museum, which is why they get air time.