Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Spring Rotation items from the Asian

Kado kado no | Issa, tr. Daniel C. Buchanan

At every doorway,
From the mud on wooden clogs,
Spring begins anew.

Streaming Light (Ryuki), 1974. By Honma Kazuaki (Japanese, born 1930). Bamboo and rattan. AAM #2006.3.844.


Zoomie said...

Nobody makes baskets as lovely as the Japanese. Masterful.

A Cuban In London said...

Judaism is probably the religion that begat both Christianity and Islam, in a way. So, an exhibit like this can only help understand one of the more important cultures in the history of mankind. Thanks a lot for your thorough review. And funny that you're a reviewer for the SF Examiner. I know someone who does freelance stuff for them, concerts of the alternative variety.

Greetings from London.