Monday, October 18, 2010

Drawings from the Elgin Marbles

I didn't have all of these out as there wasn't room to display them as I would have wished. If you want to sell work, it's best not to have too many unframed pieces on display. In my experience, they don't sell and the point of Open Studios IS to sell. If I were to get them framed, the price would skyrocket so I'm always conflicted about what to do. But I'm proud of this continuing series. It's my attempt to come to grips with Greek sculpture, the foundation stone of Western art and something that I find both beautiful and compelling. So far, they are all on paper but then, I like working on paper. I like the rough texture of heavy watercolor paper and the freedom that I feel when dealing with water based media, the fluidity of ink and acrylic over charcoal and the spontaneity within form that I am striving for.


Zoomie said...

These are interesting updates on an ancient form. The compositions are modern but the forms are as old as time.

lotusgreen said...

these are yours? they're GORGEOUS.

namastenancy said...

Yes, they are mine (mine mine mine!) and I'm quite proud of them. I've done about 6 more but haven't had time to photograph them. I got a lot of good comments during Open Studios but no sales - but that didn't bother me. I'm not ready to let them go yet. However, given my track record on sales, they will probably be around a long, long time.
Thank you for the compliment!