Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Night and Open Studios

Utagawa Hiroshige, Night Rain on the Karasaki Pine, from the series Eight Views of O¯mi Province, ca. 1834–1835. Color woodcut, 22.7 °— 35.3 cm (815⁄16 °— 137⁄8 in.)

Anna Conti (of BAAQ and A Working Artist's Journal) has gathered a group of friends together for a Friday Night Round table. Now that I am an art journalist as well as a painter,  I'm often as busy as I was when I worked the "real" job before retirement so this is a chance to meet with a group of like minded friends, look at art, dish out the gab, go for a bit of food and, in general, have a delightful time.

Last Friday night, the group (or Anna's posse as I like to call them) visited my Open Studio on Friday night. Even though the studio was baking hot after our scorching week, they brought a breath of fresh air and friendship that helped me get through the evening.

Tonight we decided to visit the Open Studios at Fort. Mason. I got there late so wasn't able to see the show at the Italian-American museum but I sure was in time for the Off the Grid Food trucks. We all made the rounds several times, sampling as much food as the tummy could comfortably hold, (leave no taste behind!)and introducing a visitor from Hawaii to SF's foodie scene. She admitted that this was a nice change from Spam Sushi. I enjoyed the crowds and the music. Watching the little kids boogie to the music and get all excited was charming - and even more so because I don't have to deal with the inevitable meltdown. I don't know the name of the musician but one of them played a mean sax.

Afterward, we went to look at the work of the print-makers and photographers - two of whom have work that I really admired (Elizabeth Tana* and Martine Jardel). Even later, we climbed the steps back to the parking lot. When I looked back across the bay, the view reminded of this piece by Hiroshige which I had seen at the show at the Legion. The air was misty with a light drizzle and the lights of Alcatraz shimmered across the bay. Sometimes SF really is a wonderful place but it's not the view, the weather, the food or the art that makes it so. It's the friends.

Utagawa Hiroshige, Evening Rain at Atake on the Great Bridge, from the series One Hundred
Views of Famous Places in Edo, 1857. Color woodcut with mica

*Elizabeth Tana will be doing Hunter's Point Open Studios next week and I will write about her later. Martine Jardel has a studio where I am (689 Bryant) and I'll put up a link to her website when I find itl
Images from Japanesque: The Japanese Print in the Era of Impressionism
October 16, 2010 - January 9, 2011

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Anna L. Conti said...

Nice writeup, Nancy - thanks! You're right about that Hiroshige image! It was a great night!