Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gifts of the Goddess

When Anna and her "homies" visited my studio last week, I pulled out several of my small books to show them. I am in the process of scanning them in order to make copies that I can sell but this is one that I had photographed. In these pieces, I work in an almost completely intuitive way, using found imagery, going into a meditative trance. Each small page is full of paint, ink, pencil and collage, making these very fragile works. In this piece, I've worked with images of the female, intertwined with symbols of birth, rebirth, time and the movement from one spiritual state to another.

The book opened out, accordion style.

Inside front page


Zoomie said...

I know how personal these small books are to you, so I really appreciate your willingness to share the images. Let me know when the copies are ready for purchase.

bluemonk said...

Lovely to see these rich images online, Nancy!