Sunday, September 4, 2011

Copyright infringement and a death in the family

Now, how is that for combining disparate items in a headline?

I thought I was too far under the radar for this to happen but apparently not.

I was shocked to find this website where the owner has posted parts - or all - of my articles but with no links back to the Examiner or any of my websites. The links in the articles go back to Asian Arts so I'm being cheated out of even more of my small earnings.

They even have an RSS feed but no way, that I can find, to contact the owner. There are a lot of ads on the site so somebody is making some money. I've already posted this up on FB and on a number of sites where I am active, asking if there is anything we can do. Useful suggestions are welcome!

Otherwise, it's a cool day here and I'm recovering from the funeral yesterday of my cousin. Her death was unexpected (age 55) and the family is still in shock. The memorial service was quite moving as she was very much loved. There was a fantastic feast back at the family home but it was hot and I was ready to go home by 2 PM. Actually, I was ready to go right after the service with mutual friends who lived in SF, but didn't want to appear rude by leaving too soon.

An elderly couple, friends of the family, agreed to drive me back to BART as it was on their way home. Unfortunately, the male of the couple was in no hurry; Senior Slowpoke took his time, eating a plate of food in the slowest fashion possible while peppering me with rude-disguised as humorous comments.

I have never seen anybody eat a small bunch of grapes so slowly! I must have showed my fatigue and impatience because he snipped at me about "being in a hurry." I kept explaining that I knew there was a ball game on and I wanted to miss the crowds.

Unfortunately, I didn't. There's a hot of hostility there and I was sorry to be the target of it. Even his adult sons were urging him to hurry up but to no avail.

By the time they managed to make their way to the BART station, getting lost on the way, the trains were so crowded that I had to stand until a very nice lady gave me a seat. I was so glad to sit, having been up since 6:30 AM to get over to Lafayette in time to help decorate the church with pictures and mementos of Janet (my cousin) that I had put together for the family.

Naturally, several people were already drunk and there were a number of kids who were noisy and excited to be going to the game. The train was hot and it seemed to take forever to get back to SF.

I kept my cool, realizing that you can't blame kids for being kids but really annoyed at Senior slow poke who took a nasty delight in causing me (a complete stranger) a lot of hassle and inconvenience.

So, today I'm wiped but recovering. The boys from upstairs seem to be away for the weekend so I was able to get a full night's sleep. I am heading over to the Civic Center Farmer's Market and the library and will probably treat myself to lunch. It's good to be home.

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