Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday at the Asian

I was surprised to find the Asian almost empty yesterday but I was glad to have the museum almost all to myself. I ran into a charming couple from Canada with two delightful children who were awed by all the remaining decorations, dating from the time when the museum was a public library. I had a lot of fun showing them around and giving them my admittedly potted view of the history of the building. Lunch was a nice salad combined with some so-so samosas (the crust wasn't crisp enough for me.) The staff in the cafe were relaxed because there were only two customers, a gentleman who was engrossed in his book and me.

Then upstairs to see the new exhibits of Korean art. When I go to write my review, I'm giving this five stars - sensitive drawings on mulberry paper, 500 year old ceramics that look contemporary in their freshness and bold design, vases by a young Korean artist that seem to be made of ethereal glass but are make of soap! The whole exhibit is enchanting and I wandered from room to room, delighted by all that I saw.

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