Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why is CNN allowing such sexism?

I'm tired of men thinking that women are their possessions to control as they please.  I've heard enough of the comments from the likes of Limbaugh, Akin and Erickson to last a lifetime.  Allowing this to continue just encourages them to continue with their ownership attitudes and their attempts to keep the little woman in her place.  They pay women 77% of what they pay men for the same job, they try to control our reproductive lives by telling us we shouldn't take birth control or have abortions, even after rape or incest.  Women who have a brain and speak out for equality or fairness are called sluts. . 

Let's get this fixed in our lifetimes and who knows we might even get the Equal Rights Amendment passed.  The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution designed to guarantee equal rights for women. The ERA was originally written by Alice Paul and, in 1923, it was introduced in the Congress for the first time.

In 1972, it passed both houses of Congress and went to the state legislatures for ratification. The ERA failed to receive the requisite number of ratifications before the final deadline mandated by Congress of June 30, 1982 expired and so it was not adopted.

Women's battle for fair treatment has been going on for over 100 years and it's time to end it.  Why have we allowed it?

Many companies hire women for lower salaries especially if they are of child bearing age.  The Reps would have women reproduce until their uteruses (or is that uteri) hit the ground adding to their undesirability in the work place.

This crap comes from every direction.

I've spent my lifetime making my own equality, being self employed and making my own success but this is a team sport and its time has  come.

I thought I was radical but it seems that in my old age, I am becoming even more radical. Sign for your daughters, your granddaughters, your nieces, hell, your friend's daughters and granddaughters. Sign even for men because they are making an ugly world even uglier - it's an act of compassion to try and reverse the trend.

This campaign is starting to generate a lot of media attention too.1 We're getting ready to deliver the signatures to CNN tomorrow and want to make sure name is included. Can you take a moment to add your name to the petition telling CNN to fire Erickson for his sexist attacks?

Add your name to the petition to CNN:

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Sheree Rensel said...

I added my name and comment. Erickson is a slug and needs to learn to mend his ways. All women should be outraged!