Friday, September 14, 2012

WOMEN我們 at the Chinese Cultural Center

Originally opened in Shanghai in 2011, the exhibition focused on works by feminist, gender, and queer artists and was held as the official exhibition for the conference “International Chinese Women and Visual Representation,” organized by Fudan University and University of Michigan.

Thirteen contemporary artists from China and the United States explore gender and sexual identity in a new exhibition at the Chinese Culture Center (CCC) September 15 – November 30, 2012.

 WOMEN 我們 (a Mandarin homophone meaning both ‘women’ ! and ‘we’) features video works, installation art, photography, sculpture, and more by a diverse array of female, male, and LGBTQ artists including Mu Xi, Yang Meiyan, He Chengyao, and other emerging artists based in China as well as five U.S.-based artists, among them Man Yee Lam and Stella Zhang.

It also includes a display of fascinating designed materials created by a consortium of NGOs within China focusing on the LGBTQ community, women and sex workers that must operate through underground channels to avoid scrutiny.

Fantastic, amazing, I mention that I liked it? Really really liked it. Now to think of a great opening line but of all the contemporary shows that I've seen in the last month, this one rises to the top in terms of creativity, genuine risk taking, a powerful message about the condition of women, gays, lesbians and transgender peoples, living in an oppressive culture. The message is conveyed through a striking series of small installations and videos.

The show evolved from a purely feminist exploration and expression of feminism in Chinese visual culture to go on to examine gay and transgender visibility, and sexual identity in China.

This is the real deal for many of these women take a great risk in criticizing attitudes toward women and the way they are treated.

Now for a late lunch and to cool off -the temperature has gone up 30 degrees since I got up this morning. I took off a sweater, a scarf and a jacket and I still got hot.

bright pink cheeks are not my color

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