Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Coming to the Asian Art Museum in 2013

China’s Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor’s Legacy

The Asian Art Museum kicks off its 10th anniversary in San Francisco’s Civic Center with an exhibition from one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in modern times. China’s "Terracotta Warriors" features 120 rare objects from the great tomb complex of China’s First Emperor (259–210 BCE), including 10 life-size terracotta figures—the maximum number of figures permitted outside China in a single exhibition.

 The 2013 exhibition offers a new generation of visitors the rare chance to view the clay figures up close. Visitors will also discover new secrets from the tomb, with more information than ever before on the First Emperor, his reign, and his quest for immortality. February 22–May 27, 2013

Maize and Coxcomb, 18th Century, by an unknown artist (Rinpa School). Japan. Color and ink on gold leaf. One of a pair of six-panel folding screens. © Private Collection.

."In the Moment: Japanese Art from the Larry Ellison Collection." In the summer of 2013, the Asian Art Museum will present an exhibition of Japanese art from the rarely seen collection of Larry Ellison. Ellison is CEO of Oracle, the 3rd largest software company in the world and a notable collector of Japanese art.

Approximately 80 artworks will be on display, spanning 1,300 years of Japanese art and history. The exhibit will be curated by Emily Sano, the former director of the Asian Art Museum. June 28–September 22, 2013

The Cyrus Cylinder: Dating to 539 BCE, the Cyrus Cylinder—considered one of the most famous surviving icons from the ancient world—was uncovered in 1879 at Babylon (in modern Iraq), during a British Museum excavation. The Cylinder has been referred to as the first bill of human rights because it appears to encourage freedom of worship throughout the Persian Empire and to allow deported people to return to their homelands.

The Asian Art Museum will serve as one of five U.S. venues to present this intimate exhibition that also includes other rare artworks from ancient Persia, providing a context for the Cylinder’s cultural and historical significance. August 9–September 20, 2013

"In Grand Style: Celebrations in Korean Art," explores the importance and cultural significance of celebrations during Korea’s Joseon dynasty (1392–1911). During this period, Confucianism was culturally embedded in society as the governing state belief, and festivities marking important rites of passage—political appointments, birthdays, weddings, funerals, among others—followed elaborate protocols.

"In Grand Style" features approximately 150 objects from 13 Korean institutions. Nearly all of the artworks and their accompanying narratives will be presented to US audiences for the first time. October 25, 2013–January 12, 2014

Bay Area Contemporary Focus: Emerging and established artists come together in Bay Area Contemporary Focus, a thematic exhibition in three parts. Artists will show recent work as well as commissioned pieces, often reacting to the museum’s renowned collection. Related programming will accompany the exhibition.

May 24–July 21, 2013, October 11–December 8, 2013 and December 20, 2013–February 16, 2014

Photo credit:  @Asian Art Museum

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