Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oakland Musuem releases a photo of the stolen jewel box

courtesy Oakland Museum of California

Yesterday, The Oakland Museum of California released a photo of the priceless gold- encrusted jewel box stolen on Jan. 7.

Police had previously refused to release a picture, fearing that it would compromise their investigation.

Right. Big woop-de-do. Now we have a photo of the stolen box - I remember seeing this on one of my visits to the museum and thinking that it was a beautiful example of 19th century taste in artwork.

It's sickening to think how inadequate the museum's security is - and in a city that's notorious for crime. I fear that the gold has been melted off and turned into cash. I would be very surprised if the box ever surfaces again.

Also, to offer a $12,000 reward for a box that's supposed to be worth $800,000. Not the smartest move they could make.

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