Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jackson at Creativity Explored and a god returns to Sicily

Wonderful show at Creativity Explored - work by Vincent Jackson - bold graphics, striking colors.

"Creativity Explored announces the inaugural solo exhibition of Vincent Jackson, who at age 52 is one of the most prolific and longest-practicing artists at the studio. For nearly 30 years – as long as Creativity Explored has been in existence –Jackson has worked in the studio five days a week, creating large-scale, brightly colored, intense and soulful portraits in oil pastels and other media that break the human form into geometric shapes. The resulting mask-like works can be viewed as a contemporary renewal of traditional African and Oceanic folk art imagery that has entranced art collectors around the world."

The J. Paul Getty Museum announced on Jan. 11 that it will be returning a a terracotta head of the Greek god Hades to Sicily.

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